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This sweetie cart is a statement piece for any client looking to make their chosen venue look unique and stylish.

we offer two packages and always present it well to our clients, dressed to match the décor you have chosen so it flows into the event space.

All the confectionery we purchase is brought only for your specific event and we can provide menus that cater for allergies like gluten free, dairy or nut free.





I have planned couples weddings in the past and I have seen a lot of guests around the room pulling out phones and iPads to keep the kids entertained and to keep them in their seats.


So we created a solution that not only works for all age groups but also is 100% budget friendly. 

Seymour Events Ltd has created kids boxes/bags that contain all that is needed to keep them occupied and happy whilst at any event.


To find out more about these miracle boxes please call us now.

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